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Sunoco's Standards of Quality Fuels & Gasoline.

As NASCAR's trusted supplier for fuel, Sunoco's high quality gas lasts longer while being environmentally responsible. Whether you fill up with Regular 87 octane, Plus 89 octane, Premium 91 octane or Ultra R 93 grade of fuel, rest assured you’re getting the very best at the pump. For example – Sunoco Ultra 93 typically has a RON of 98 and a MON of 88, thus yielding an AKI of 9888/2 = 93. If you look closely at the yellow octane labels at gas stations, you’ll see the RM/2 description under the big octane numbers. We provide all the octane numbers for all our race fuels – RON, MON, and AKI. For area that have 10% ethanol in their gas, its best to use 89 octane. There is less ethanol with higher octane. The 87 octane with ethanol really takes a toll on the float seal, just eats it up. Ethanol tends to have a little more water in the fuel over time. I know several people that use 93. 24/03/2007 · What percentages of ethanol are Sunoco's various grades of gasoline87, 89, 91, and 93 octane? I have contacted Sunoco via email and phone and not gotten a straight forward answer. All they will say is that the gasoline "may contain up to 10% ethanol", which essentially tells me nothing. Sunoco 93 ultra vs Shell 93 V-Power - posted in Engine: i was wondering what some of the opinions are concerning the quality of these 93 octane fuels. I use Shell V Power all the time. What company do you think has better quality control standards? or better fuel.

Page 1 of 2 - sunoco ultra 93 octane ? - posted in REV-XP / XS Chassis - Performance Trail 120-129 Inch Models: Is anyone using the 93 ultra from sunoco in there e-tecs, if so what do you think any difference ? Thanks for any input. 20/10/2010 · I have always used SUNOCO 93 Octane Gas The Official Gas Of NASCAR I have a 93 Octane Tune and the SUNOCO 93 has 10% Ethenol added to it, am I OK with My Tune or am I. i just filled up yesterday and they had some new red stickers that says " 93 does not contain ethanol".but no stickers on the other grades. i thought they had to label.

25/03/2014 · A properly mixed ethanol blend that is consistent can add extra power. I know several people running high amounts of ethanol in a VT. Agree with most of the cons. If I was tuned for it I would run a blend of ethanol free 93 and e85 to reach a solid mixture of e30. But I am not so if I can I will run ethanol. 05/12/2014 · I doubt you'll notice any reduction in output due to the slightly higher octane of 92/93, and that could be a little extra headroom if the gas does end up sitting for a while and degrading. As for brands, the Sunoco that just went in here still has Ultra, but instead of it being 94 compared to 93 for Premium, the Premium is now 91 and Ultra is 93. Depends. Sunoco has it available, but so does Shell. It is up to the dealer if he wnats to put a pump in for it. Persoannly, I think there will come a day when most stations will offer it has a third alternative to 87-89-91 octane. Beats the crap out of ethanol added gas by a. 19/06/2013 · My local Sunoco gas station offer ultra 93 for 2 cents more than premium 91. Gas: 91 or 93 from Sunoco. Discussion in '2nd Gen. Tacomas 2005-2015' started by TacomaTD13. Ethanol blended fuel loses its octane rating faster than non Ethanol blended fuel so from the time that 89 octane fuel is made to the time you actually get it in.

We take pride in delivering on a simple promise to our customers: to provide top-notch, reliable fuel every time you fill up at Sunoco. Learn more about Sunoco fuel, safety & environment, gasoline facts & tips, and safety at the pump. Up until a few years ago, before they figured out how to move ethanol mixed gasoline through a pipeline, the product was usually what they call “Splash-Blended” at the rack. That means when the local trucks went to the tank farms in their area, th.

What percentages of ethanol are Sunoco's various.

Alcohols like methyl alcohol methanol and ethyl alcohol ethanol are often used in race fuels. Sometimes they are a small part of the fuel and sometimes they are a primary component of the fuel. Methanol is commonly used “straight” – that’s why it’s called racing alcohol by many. Ethanol can also be used straight, and []. 20/05/2017 · Is 93 octane a scam? Regular VS Premium Fuel / Which gives better MPG? AutoVlog. Loading. Unsubscribe from AutoVlog? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. E85 Ethanol vs Gasoline - Duration: 9:17. DRIFTING.COM 28,497 views. 9:17. Buying a Ford Raptor - What did I pay? 31/08/2016 · I now have the choice. 91 Octane pure gasoline, or 93 Octane ethanol. Question on fuel. 91 Octane pure gasoline, or 93 Octane Ethanol?. I'd say I use Sunoco 90% of the time, since the 1970s! Never had an issue, ever knock wood with any of their fuel, gas or diesel.

05/12/2012 · I know that Sunoco ultra 94 has practically disappeared, but is still offered in parts of Ohio. 91 is mainly found in California.but with 89, what cars mainly use 89? For the most part I think newer cars sold today require either regular 87, or Premium 91-93. then why do we need 89? 18/05/2018 · In 2017, Sunoco was added to the Top Tier list. I use their Ultra 93 and have no complaints. Click to expand. 93 with Ethanol = happy car. the ethanol acts as a cooling agent and allows the car to run better Seibon Carbon Wing, Instinct 19x8, Js Style Front Lip. 22/05/2009 · The rquirement for 10% ethanol seems to be a regional thing. Around here Indiana I have seen pumps advertise 100% gasoline, and others seemingly randomly say 10% ethanol, and others still say nothing. I have seen 93 octane at Shell V-power and Amoco Ultimate. Sunoco has the Ultra94 which is an ethanol blended 93 octane gas to reach 94 octane. 14/08/2013 · Also remember that the introduction of 10% ethanol raises the octane of the fuel by two points, so if a fuel is listed as 93 octane with ethanol, it is base premium 91 made a 93 with the introduction of ethanol. Many racing fuels are actually higher ethanol blends. They take 91 octane fuel and add up to 30% ethanol to get the higher octane.

23/01/2016 · Testing two different fuels to see if there is any power difference between the two in my 2014 Dodge Charger R/T! The results are pretty surprising to me, is. 13/03/2006 · I went to get gas and stopped at a sunoco station. I noticed that their ultra brand is now 93 octane. It used to be 94. anyone know why they did this.

I only fill up at Shell and Sunoco. 93 is 93 to the engine. In terms of what your file is expecting and calibrated for, it is the same. Edit: I thought of a better way to put it. It's not 93 mixed with 10% Ethanol, yielding something lower. It's where even with the 10% Ethanol, the end mixture still meets the required 93 octane rating. 03/03/2019 · Yes is does. Sunoco produces 93 octane in both non ethanol and with ethanol. There is never methanol added. It just depends on which area of the country you live in and what the particular gas station decides to sell. 29/11/2019 · Sunoco 93 Ultra has been exceptional for me, has the Top Tier detergents and is consistently cheaper than Shell 93. As far as 91 versus 93, get the 93 with a tune if you can to keep knock control as low as possible with something like the TSP Map 3. I mean, the numbers Derek's posting are with 93 as far as I know. I prefer to use 93 octane or the highest available at commercial gas stations because they tend to contain higher quality fuel. The 'top grade' fuels, such as 'Shell V-Power 93' and 'Chevron with Techron 93' have better additives and usually do. 20/01/2004 · The reply from Sunoco was "Ultra 94 contains up to 10% ethanol". Apparently, ethanol was an issue in the 1970s, causing degradation in some of the rubber components in the engine. Accoding to the Husky/Mohawk web site, this is not a probelrm with modern enginges and components.

The new formulation of Shell V-Power ® NiTRO includes new Shell SmoothGlide Technology™ to help reduce friction in your engine. Friction in your engine occurs as piston rings move against cylinder walls, generating heat, wasting energy, and reducing the overall efficiency of your engine. 10/08/2012 · Tech talk: No knocking ethanol for high performance. August 10, 2012 Popular. Sunoco Ultra 94 was the lifeblood of such vehicles — literally as important to their performance and survival as the air they breathe. And there was no substitute. Joe’s Service Center is Your Sunoco Source. We are pleased to offer products from Sunoco – the official fuel of NASCAR. Sunoco offers 4 grades of gasoline: Regular 87 octane, Plus 89 octane, Premium 91 octane and Ultra®93 93 octane.

20/03/2011 · Ultra 94 from Sunoco 93 Oct10% ethanol Result: Is burned too quickly. Ethanol not good for Turbo Engine. Expensive. But performance seemed good. Shell V-Power 91 no ethanol. Only gas in Canada like that. Result: Good performance. Moderate price. 10 x Air Miles Points everyfillup.

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