I Am Packed

I Am Packed by

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  • Book – Always need a good book to read on long flights.
  • Socks – I like to take a comfortable pair of socks for the flight so I can relax.
  • Car lighter adapter – Some planes have outlets under the seats for car lighter adapters. On long flights if I have a lot of work to do or if there is wack in flight entertainment, I can use my lap top for the whole flight.
  • Foreign Currency – I try and keep foreign currency around so I can go straight from the plane to where I got to go. I have run into night mares with broken ATM’s or long lines at the destination airport.
  • Watch – I keep my watch set to the time at home so I know what time it is there for when I need to call home and check on the store or the family.
  • Wallet – $, Cards, ID etc….
  • Phone 1 & 2: I keep my US phone for domestic use and when going to Japan it’s easier and cheaper to keep a Japan phone. I have a fixed number out there and it only costs $25 a month.
  • Camera: To take photos of the brands that I am looking at as well as for bloging etc.
  • Jet Lag meds: My wife got my some meds to help with Jet Lag, they work!
  • Passport and Green Card: Got my Canadian passport, get treated better overseas…but I needs my greencard to get back to the US