I Am Packed

I Am Packed by

Leanne Cloudsdale Holiday Clothes.jpg (173 KB)
  • Apple green beach towel – 1980s Cloudsdale family heirloom!
  • Opinel Knife – Stainless Steel blade
  • Parker fountain pen – black ink, medium nib
  • Berol felt pen – black
  • Papermate retractable pencil
  • Pilot drawing Pen – brown ink
  • Moleskine notebook – plain paper
  • Vintage red leather keepsakes purse/wallet – New York flea market
  • Want Les Essentiels de la Vie (Mirabel tote – organic cotton) – Present store, London
  • Levi 521′s (currently at the perfect state of wear! Faded to perfection!) – Santa Cruz thrift store
  • Olympus Mju ii camera – present from my dad a long time ago!
  • Kodak 35m black and white film – local Chemist store
  • Hand knitted Aran jumper – from my Grandma
  • Vintage floral 1970s Cotton bikini – stolen from mum’s clothing vaults
  • Amethyst coloured Lanvin sunglasses – Lanvin
  • Vintage 1980s Espirit sunglasses – vintage find in Canadian Value Village thrift store
  • Blue and white striped t-shirt – found on the floor at a Lisbon flea market (my favourite!)
  • White cotton Victorian camisole – bought at a French flea market 10 years ago
  • Leather sandals – Greek market stall 20 years ago – still going strong – only ever brought out for holidays
  • Lat Naylor work jacket – San Francisco
  • Vintage 1930s work jacket with solid brass buttons – antique market in Yorkshire
  • White Cotton sailor shorts – Vintage army & navy surplus store
  • Belt – Margaret Howell
  • French for Travellers book – never travel without a phrasebook!