I Am Packed

I Am Packed by

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  • Blue Levi’s 501
  • Blue v-neck pullover with a white t-shirt
  • A spare grey t-shirt for juggling and an extra pair of socks
  • “Der kalte Freund” (“The cold friend”) by Alexander Rahr (2011) analyzes international relations between Russia and Germany in combination with political economy
  • A gift for a friend: Alina Orlova’s first album titled “Laukinis Suo Dingo” (2008)
  • ASOS watch with a long brown leather wristband
  • Brown leather belt
  • iPod filled with new, unreleased, soulful drum and bass
  • USB-drive with more music
  • Some essential toiletries
  • Brown leather wallet
  • Brown leather boots by Strellson
  • Brown leather bag by Strellson
  • Blue canvas keychain
  • Passport
  • Simplest smartphone ever, with a charger
  • A pair of sock poi for the convention