I Am Packed

I Am Packed by

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  • 1) navy wool blazer (To ward off the weather on commute to the interview.)
  • 2) black denim jeans (Comfortable, casual, yet a tidy look, and has many good pockets.)
  • 3) white cotton shirt (clean breathable fabric.)
  • 4) grey cotton singlet (For use in colder clime)
  • 5) glasses (Enables one to see, and is a frame for the face.)
  • 6) watch (To arrive on time to the interview)
  • 7) usb drive (Portfolio on stick.)
  • 8) house keys (To get home again afterward)
  • 9) wedding ring (symbolic status)
  • 10) pen (to take notes, or to impress with impromptu design drawings.)
  • 11) daily planner (To keep track of appointments.)
  • 12) deodorant (Wards off unsightly sweaty pits, especially important in highly nervous situations.)
  • 13) earrings (To have the support of family there with you through heirlooms.)
  • 14) hair clip (A tidy way of keping hair under control)
  • 15) compact make-up (To gently mask away blemishes etc.)
  • 16) make-up brush (To be used with compact make-up)
  • 17) rescue remedy (Helps reduce stress and tension.)
  • 18) business card and case (Enables the first point of contact and handy to be given out at key moments.)
  • 19) grey cotton underwear (no reason needed.)
  • 20) black cotton underwear (no reason needed.)
  • 21 & 22) white cotton socks (To show a glimpse of clean white on the ankle.)
  • 23 & 24) black leather shoes (Well polished and buffed prior.)